Christmas shows!

Two very fun Christmas shows this year in St. John's. The first is at the beautiful LSPU Hall - "A Time in the Old Hall" on December 16 & 17 with myself and the Stage-to-Stage reciters (Dave Penny, Harry Ingram, Dave Paddon, and Hubert Furey). I love what these guys are doing and I think it's just brilliant to see a revived interest and appreciation for the NL recitation. For tickets, visit or call the Hall box office, or buy online here.

And then it's "The Fourth Day of Christmas" with The Dardanelles at The Bella Vista (presented by Mightpop). This will be a LOT of fun. The "Bell" is a classic St. John's room with a great dance floor so this will certainly be an old-style NL dance night. Doors open at 8:30pm, so it's not just for the late-night downtowners. Tell your folks and tell your grandparents. Tickets are available at the Holy Heart Theatre box office - click here.

Merry Christmas!!!